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SunLite 20" Heavy Duty light Bar

SunLite 20" Heavy Duty light Bar

Part Number: SDR120

Speed Demon Lights

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In order for great brands to be made, there is always a 1st generation of products that are the jumping-off point. For Speed Demon, that product was SunLite. For theB past few years, this product has been moved and stored throughout our warehouse but, the time has come to liquidate and free up space for more new and exciting Speed DemonB lights. Our need for more spaceB is your opportunityB to get amazing deals on some tremendous entry-level lights. These are not the same as what you have come to love with Speed Demon Lights but sometimes an entry-level bar is all you need.


7680B Lumens @ 10 Amps
120B Watts
Comes with exposed wiring
Combination Beam
Operating Voltage 10-30V
Mounts included
1 Year Warranty or CreditB only

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