Engine Tuning

Tuning is the driving force of your vehicle and the start of making drastic power & reliability improvements. We offer a wide range of custom tuning options from various companies to bring you the best options in the industry.

Transmission Tuning

Transmission tuning can be an essential component in some cases. If your vehicle is highly modified you will want to pair Engine tuning with Transmission tuning for maximized vehicle efficiency & parts longevity. However if you have a stock vehicle with no upgrades and do not plan on running a tune file higher than Level 1, it is not a necessity. Transmission tuning can help aid in turbo lag, large sized tires and towing. We do recommend pairing engine tuning with transmission tuning.

Tuning Platforms

EZ Lynk

EZ Lynk is a very user friendly platform as all the tunes are cloud based and secured as everything is VIN locked with this platform. You will have the capability to data log and monitor directly from your phone. EZ Lynk also offers a chat feature to send in data logs or speak directly with a technician. This is a seamless and effortless option as the platform gives you step by step instructions on how to flash the vehicle leaving you with very little downtime. EZ Lynk offers two support packages. Limited Support or Full Support. Limited Support gives you access to the tune files for 30 days, once the 30 days is over what is loaded in the vehicle, remains in the vehicle but you no longer have access to switch between tune files. Full Support gives you access to the tune files for as long as the tuner supports the vehicle.

HP Tuners

HP Tuners allows the ability to unlock, read and flash a vehicle for a complete tuning process. In the beginning there is a learning curve but it is very achievable and will not leave you disappointed. HP Tuners does have a lot of software updates and you will need to ensure you the software is fully up to date before performing anything tuning related. HP Tuners is versatile for Engine and Transmission tuning on many years, makes and models.


SCT is an older tuning platform and while it is a cheaper option. The platform itself is not as user friendly and there may be a discrepancy when tuning with this platform. However as long as SCT devices are up to date and the proper procedures are used, you should consider this option when looking for tuning!

AMDP Power Programmer & GDP Commander

These are the go to for 2020+ Powerstroke tuning for limited downtime and efficiency. You do not need to pull out and mail the ECM in to achieve tuning. All that is needed is the device and a windows based laptop. This device can also be used to unlock the L5P’s. When the proper instructions are followed it makes the tuning process seamless and efficient.

Bench Flash

Bench flashing is an economical tuning option however it does require downtime on the vehicle as all bench flashing needs to be done in house. The ECM must be pulled from the vehicle and mailed in to us in order to achieve tuning. Bench flashing is effortless for the customer as all procedures are performed in house. It is not very versatile as only certain years and makes are offered with this service.

EFI Live

EFI Live is an older tuning platform and does run on the cheaper side of the spectrum. EFI Live is a versatile option as it does support many years, makes and models for tuning. In order to have a seamless tuning experience with this platform you will need to ensure your device and software is up to date.

Hard Parts


Exhausts are a requirement when going with emissions off tuning. Say goodbye to the days of filling your DEF! Factory exhausts are very restrictive, contain DPFs and catalytic converters that can be troublesome, clogged DPFs are a perfect example. However, you have several options when it comes to exhausts. Delete pipes are the most economical solution, they will replace the DPF section of your exhaust while retaining the remainder of your factory exhaust. Full exhaust kits will replace the entire factory exhaust, and you have the option to include a muffler!

EGR Solutions

EGR Delete kits are not required, you can unplug EGR connectors and leave your factory system installed. However, removing your EGR system using an EGR Delete kit prevents issues further down the road such as EGR Valves not sealing. In most cases, removing your EGR System with the use of one of these kits also frees up space in your engine bay making other areas easier to access and service. Our team recommends the use of EGR Delete kits when tuning a truck using emissions off tuning for peace of mind and reliability.

CCV Solutions

Your CCV System consists of various hoses and valves, essentially unnecessary failure points. Over time these hoses & valves can become clogged which leads to issues. Your factory CCV system also recirculates oil vapors/mixtures into your turbo, the only thing your turbo should be taking in is clean, cool air! We will always recommend CCV Delete kits to those wanting a reliable truck!


Aftermarket intakes are designed to flow better than stock intake systems, which means you will see a horsepower and torque increase along with optional cleanable filters for easier maintenance. In most cases there is also a noticeable difference in turbo sound allowing you to  hear your turbo spooling!


Monitoring your vehicle's parameters are a crucial part of any workhorse trucks that tow heavy loads or are built for high horsepower applications. Monitoring devices give you the ability to monitor vital information to ensure you keep your truck running in optimal conditions and avoid abusive behavior that can lead to costly repairs.

Intercooler Piping

Factory intercooler piping systems contain hoses and pipes that often become brittle after long periods of time and continuous heat cycling. When these pieces become brittle, they tend to crack which leads to boost leaks. Boost leaks mean lost power! Upgraded intercooler piping kits are another great way to ensure that your truck stays reliable while also spicing up the look of your engine bay!