EZ Lynk Support Packages

Q: What is a Limited Support vs Full Support package on EZ Lynk? 

A: Ez Lynk offers two forms of support packages, Limited Support and Full Support. The difference between the two is licensing time. With a Limited Support Package you receive access to all available tunes for the vehicle for thirty (30) days from the time you link with your technician. After the thirty (30) day period the licensing expires and whichever tunes are loaded in the vehicle will remain in the vehicle.  The Full Support Package gives you access to these tunes for the lift time of the truck and is by far the most popular option with EZ Lynk. The benefits of having full support allow you to change tunes as desired whenever you want including returning the truck to factory, gives you access to all updates that become available for you vehicle over time and the ability to build on your truck without the cost of buying new tuning. Customers that have purchased a limited support package and want to upgrade,  there is an upgrade package available on our site!